WyzAnt education service reviews

WyzAnt is an online educational service that helps students and tutors find each other. Here a student who needs help with school or assistance in preparation to tests can find the qualified tutor who will help to improve the grades

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What is WyzAnt?

WyzAnt is an online educational service that helps students and tutors find each other. Here a student who needs help with school or assistance in preparation to tests can find the qualified tutor who will help to improve the grades; and the teachers are able to search for the students in need of additional classes and make some money by tutoring them. The service deals with a wide range of subjects from Math and Science to Arts, Music, and Languages.

WyzAnt was founded in 2005, and accredited by Better Business Bureau two years later with the “A+” rating, obtaining therefore a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy service.

The headquarters of the company is located in Chicago, Illinois, and every year the organization delivers $15,000 scholarships to the community.

How it Works for Students and Tutors.

If you are a student all you have to do to sign up for WyzAnt is to fill in a free registration form, giving your first and last name, the subject you’re interested in, e-mail address, and your zip code. The latter is necessary to help you find the private tutors in the area that is most close to you. Once it’s complete, you’ll be provided with the profiles of the tutors registered on the website, so you can choose the best match for you. Overall the website claims to have more than 74.000 tutors’ profiles available to choose from. In the case you want to save your time searching, the service provides a “Request a Tutor” option, where you put down all the particular qualifications you expect from the tutor, and the service will find the private teacher corresponding to your needs fast and effectively.

Once you find the tutor you want to hire, you can get in touch completely free of charge, and get feedback within only few hours.

If you are a tutor willing to give private lessons on particular subjects, simply click the “Become a Tutor” on the homepage, and you’ll be offered to fill in the standard registration form providing your name, e-mail address for feedback, and the zip code (to find students in the area close to you). The website offers its tutors the ability to:

  • choose own students
  • set their own rates of payment depending on qualification and experience of each tutor
  • get paid by checks or direct deposits

Besides helping the students and tutors find each other, the website has a whole section of its own resources with the interactive lessons, videos created by tutors, educational materials, blogs, and much more.

Pricing and Guarantees.

As mentioned previously signing up for WyzAnt is free both for the students and the tutors. You don’t have to give any payment information, such as your credit card number for instance. However, if you are registered as a student, you have to provide the valid payment method before your first lesson with the tutor. This can be credit cards, e-money, like PayPal, direct deposits, checks, etc.

The website offers the registered students two major types of paying for your lessons:

  • Pay as You Go . This option requires no money upfront from the customers. The students are charged automatically after each provided lesson, so this way works perfectly for those who are yet unsure if they want to use the service permanently.
  • Pre-Purchase. This option is a great choice for the customers who have already tried the service and are willing to use it for long time. According to this metod of payment, one can buy few lessons at once, saving up to 15% money on the cost of each private lesson.

The company is taking its reputation very seriously, providing the info on customer service and refunds right on the homepage in a very clear transparent manner. The service offers any of its students their “Good Fit Guarantee”, according to which one has a right to request a refund of the first hour of tutoring for any reason. This is organized specially to help customers find the tutors conducting the lessons the students will be satisfied with.

In order to request the money, one should simply call the customer service number (877) 999-2681 or contact them via e-mail. However, the statistics stated on the site show that the rate of the customers actually asking for a refund is very low and equals only 0.2% of the lessons overall conducted, which proves that the WyzAnt provides the high quality service to its customers.

The prices for the lessons are different, as the tutors set their own rates of payment, which they consider reasonable to their teaching experience and qualifications. Usually the costs of the lessons vary from $30 up to $150 per hour. However, if you are registered as a private tutor keep in mind that the service takes the 40% commission from the sum of the lesson. Therefore, you will receive 60% of the price you put down for your lessons.

The Summary.

WyzAnt is an online community that brings the tutors and students together, carefully looks after the quality of the provided service, and maintains its good reputation. This is a unique way to get help with many subjects by the qualified professionals for reasonable price.

The only weak point of the company is the high commission rate taken from the tutors, however the website claims that the amount the tutor gets can be increased with time.

WyzAnt education service reviews


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