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Zumu was introduced in 2012 as service helping people get rid of the old unwanted media.

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About Zumu. Co.

Zumu.Co was introduced in 2012 as a service helping people get rid of the old unwanted media. Back then it seemed a brilliant concept, for it’s true that many of us still store a collection of the used CDs, DVDs and games which we don’t use any more and have no clue what to do with all that junk cluttering up our homes. Zumu found an original solution of the problem by offering their customers to pay cash for their unwanted items or donate that money to charity. The process is very easy. First you have to type in the bar codes of your old media, check how much Zumu would pay for you for it, ship the junk off and wait for your check.

The Advantages of Joining Zumu. Co.

The makers of the service listed the right reasons to join their website. Firstly, they claimed it was a fast way for people to make money for their unwanted items. Secondly, Zumu was putting the received stuff on sale again with much lower prices, which enabled those people, who couldn’t afford that discs or games before, eventually buy it. The items which didn’t get sold were going to be recycled for the sake of clearer environment, and the old used belongings could get a new life as something useful like baby bottles. Another good idea was offering each customer a choice whether to receive the personal check for their sold items or donate it to any charity fund listed in the Zumu website.

The Terms of Use and Policies of Zumu. Co.

The strict Zumu’s acceptance policy was the first serious drawback, which most of the customers found problematic. The website refused to take the discs with the scratches, items without original cases or with rips in them. In a case if the site didn’t accept the item they didn’t return anything to the sender, according to their terms of service. Each shipping also had to contain a detailed checklist of everything of what’s in a package, otherwise Zumu refused to pay for the stuff at all. The number of the sent discs and the weight of each package were also limited. Every shipping had to include not less than 10 items with an overall weight of 70 pounds. Lots of customers found these rules very frustrating.

Problems with the Payments.

Because of the fact the service didn’t support an electronic money system and operated only with the personal checks, often it took way longer for customers to get their money than it was promised by Zumu. The dollar value of the items on the website was changing on a daily basis, so the price people expected to receive could differ from the amount of money they eventually had. Sure, it added some tension and many customers felt fooled. The negative reviews of the people annoyed by the situation one after another were appearing elsewhere in the web. Soon they became so numerous that it grew into a sensible doubt of whether it was scam all along. Only during the last year the Better Business Bureau (BBB) received hundreds of complaints about the service. Some customers are even addressing attorneys and pursuing legal actions against Zumu. Shutting down both of the Zumu’s websites finished it.

The Summary.

It’s hard to say if it had been a planned hype from the very beginning, but having so many problems with its policy, the payments’ process, and the main website’s shutdown it’s definitely going out of business now. That’s a shame that the right reasons eventually caused so many people feel frustrated and fooled.

Zumu. Co service reviews


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